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The process of obtaining records can be a frustrating one for many legal professionals.  When your case has records in the hands of multiple third parties, Cefaratti Group can help.  Our staff has many years of experience in working with hospitals, doctors and other public entities in coordinating the process of gathering records.  Among the services we can provide:

* Obtain medical authorizations

* Medical Records & Billing

* X-rays/MRI’s/CT scans/Pathology slides

* Employment, School, Telephone Insurance, Bank and Credit Card records

* Workers’ Compensation files

* Requests and daily updates online

* E-mail confirmation of requests

* Bates numbered PDF included

Cefaratti Group leads the way for all of your litigation support needs


Medical Authorization (HIPAACompliant)

Authorization for Release of Employment Records

Release for Cell Phone/SMS Records

Authorization for Release of Social Security Records

Authorization for Release of Social Security Earnings Information -SSA 7050.pdf

Ohio Bureau Worker's Comp Authorization


Cuyahoga County Asbestos Authorizations

IRS 4506 Auth.pdf

SSA 3288.pdf

Detroit Medical Center Authorization.pdf

Henry Ford Hospital.pdf

Oakwood Hospital.pdf

Beaumont Health Systems Auth.pdf

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